Fabulous find!

September 9, 2009 at 8:41 am (education, published, Writing)

One of the frustrating and time-consuming tasks that constantly faces a writer – especially a new writer – is finding the right market for their work. You slave over a story, enduring countless edits and revisions, and end up with a polished manuscript. But who will buy it? Who will read it?

In the past, the Writer’s Market has been the go-to guide. It’s published every year with updated lists of journals, magazines, webzines, and publishers. Though it is certainly helpful, however, it has some serious drawbacks. By the time it comes out, some of its content is already out of date (journals close, for example, or change their submission guidelines). This can lead to lots of wasted time as you follow leads from the book only to find that they do not match your needs (or no longer exist!). Also, you really need a computer to make the Writer’s Market useful; you have to double check information on the specific market’s website. Plus, the book is pretty expensive.

I’ve found a better way. In one of my grad classes last week, the prof showed us a website that does everything the Writer’s Market does, but better. Duotrope’s Digest is like an online search engine for markets. You simply plug in your criteria (“I have a short story, of the mystery genre, and I want to be paid as a semi-pro.”) and it comes up with a list of current markets. On top of the information on submissions right there on Duotrope, you are obviously already on the computer and can very conveniently zip over to the specific website to get more detailed info. The best part is, I’ve been told that they update very frequently; no more waiting for a hardcopy publication that’s already out of date.

And it’s free!

I haven’t used it much yet (I only found out about it last week) but I’m looking forward to exploring it. Gotta love anything that saves time!


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