September 16, 2009 at 8:52 am (Writing)

As a writer, it goes without saying that I have a great appreciation for the written word. A well constructed poem or novel or essay can be a beautiful piece of art. It can also be very powerful.

I must say, however, that sometimes I envy music’s ability to touch the heart in a way writing never will. It’s remarkable, really. With the right tune and tone and pitch (and a hundred other factors I can’t even begin to understand) music has the ability to bypass the mind and head straight for the emotions. To stir things within the human soul that have seemingly no connection to circumstances or events in the real world. Many times a song – even one without lyrics – will bring a tear to my eye, unexpected and emotion filled. That’s power.

The written word certainly has advantages as well; areas where music simply cannot compete. But there is a mystery about music that sometimes makes me jealous. I’m very glad that God included it in His creative plan and that there are people in this world who can master it for the benefit of us all.


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